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Marketing Tech in Transition

This is an introduction to a series published on Epsilon’s blog ( and on LinkedIn about applying Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Identity Resolution to transform Marketing Tech.

If you are reading this, you are likely curious about how to transform. You want your company to be more innovative. You want to your brand to be relevant in five years. You want to see your top line grow or to create more leverage in your operating model. Let’s be honest, though, you’re also trying to transform yourself. You’re worried that you or your team are not focusing on the right things or you’re losing ground to competition or you’re not going to be able to advance your own career. If there is one thing I’ve learned through a career in marketing, it is that emotions are paramount in decision-making. What is happening to you personally is what motivated you to read this. You are worried, fearful, excited, hopeful, etc. Let me assure you. You are at a point in the marketing technology timeline where you are personally capable of doing some amazing things to support your company.

In this marketing tech in transition series, my team and I will highlight four imperatives. These are categories that you should research and apply. They will help you prepare for what’s to come and as you gain a better grasp on them, will prepare your decision making.

I guess articles often have to enumerate a list of “important” things. “The top 10 things you should do right now!” “The five mistakes every CMO makes.” So, why four imperatives, when I could have easily listed a legion of other topics? It’s simply a reduction of numerous conversations with clients and my team’s own experimentation through error and adaptation. No matter what technical challenges we’re facing, these four topics continue to weave their way through our design mosaic. They will, no doubt, NOT be a surprise to anyone, however I still think it’s worthy to scratch the surface and tell a little of our story around how we became elite in applying these four elements into our design principles. In doing so, my desire is to really encourage you to seek more knowledge and to experiment and apply in your own business.

Many of these topics, you or your organization are already applying. Our most advanced clients have been deploying Big Data architectures for more than seven years. The transition to the Cloud is already underway in a large percentage of our clients. Try to find any publication about marketing that doesn’t have a headline about a company experimenting with Artificial Intelligence. Although my usage of “Identity Resolution” might be new to you, my bet is that your marketing department has been talking about a 360-degree view of your customer for two decades.

These topic are not new, but the way they are coming together is incredibly transformative for marketing technology and that’s what this series is about. We will take each topic and share a little of our experience and we will give you insight into how you can apply it in your world. I hope you enjoy this series and I hope it encourages you to explore these four imperatives further and applying them transforms you and your company.

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