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This morning I took the bus into Boston's South Station and from there, jumped on the Redline up to MIT. Today I'm taking a short course instead of going into the office at Epsilon. Concurrently, my oldest is at his last day of Kindergarten. To say this was an emotionally interesting day would be an understatement. Discomfort broadens our worlds.

Although it was my decision to leave Epsilon and to explore curiosities that have been orbiting around me for a while, I'm still uneasy about today. That unease is exactly what I wanted, but it's still unsettling and I miss my colleagues already. As I start the steps toward other endeavors, I want to clearly cast my appreciation to all of my teammates I've worked with in the past 17+ years at Epsilon, as well as the thoughtful leaders I've worked under, like Bryan Kennedy, Andrew Frawley and Ralph Searfoss. Thank you all. Epsilon is an incredible company and I have worked on some amazing technology endeavors and helped some big brands. I couldn't have done that without the opportunities that were allowed within the hallowed Epsilon walls and presented by these leaders. I know Epsilon has great things ahead. I know it has great people. My gratitude toward my colleagues is boundless.

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